This page lists information on several courses I have taught in the past or that I am currently teaching.


Data Matters, 2016:  Introduction to Data Science

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ICPSR Summer Courses

Multilevel Models: Pooled and Clustered Data, 2016

Multilevel Models: Pooled and Clustered Data, 2015

Monte Carlo Simulation and Resampling Methods for Social Scientists, 2011


Syllabi for Previous Courses at UNC

POLI 787: Generalized Linear Models: Fall 2014;  Fall 2013

POLI 784: Intermediate Statistics: Spring 2014; Spring 2013; Spring 2012Spring 2011; Spring 2010; Spring 2009; Spring 2008

POLI 708: State Politics and Policy, Fall 2008

POLI 713: Dynamics of Electoral Politics, Fall 2009

POLI 891: Contextual Effects in American Mass Politics, Spring 2007

POLI 891: Applied Data Analysis in Political Science, Fall 2009

POLI 101: Introduction to State and Local Government: Fall 2010; Spring 2010; Spring 2009; Spring 2008; MayMester 2007; Fall 2006

POLI 100: Introduction to American Government, Spring 2007


Previous Courses Taught at FSU

POS 5736: Research Design (Methods I)

POS 5746: Quantitative Analysis in Political Science (Methods III)

POS 5747: Advanced Quantitative Methods (Methods IV)

POS 5698: Legislatures

POS 5692: Representation

POS 5045: Urban Politics and Policy

POS 3713: Research Methods

POS 2001: Introduction to Political Science

POS 1041: American National Government


Previous Courses Taught at UIC

POLS 401: Data Analysis I

POLS 402: Data Analysis II

POLS 404: Research Design

POLS 414: Formal Models of Politics

POLS 502: Time Series Analysis

POLS 559: State Politics and Policy

POLS 190: Introduction to Politics

POLS 212: State Politics