ICPSR Summer Course, 2011

Monte Carlo Simulation and Resampling for Social Science

Related Book

Monte Carlo Simulation and Resampling Methods for Social Science (2014), Thomas M. Carsey and Jeffrey J. Harden, SAGE.


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Sampling Variability Simulation

ICPSR Simulation 1

ICPSR Simulation 2

ICPSR Simulation 3

ICPSR Simulation 4

ICPSR Resampling

ICPSR Posterior Simulation

ICPSR Cross-Validation 1

ICPSR Cross-Validation 2


Papers You Might Explore

Benoit, Laver, and Mikhaylov (2009) Treating Words as Data with Error: Uncertainty in Text Statements of Policy Positions

Bogush (1994) Simulation Error in the Probability Estimate of a Random Event

Chen and Rodden (2010) Using Legislative Districting Simulations to Measure Electoral Bias in Legislatures

Erikson, Pinto, and Rader (2010) Randomization Tests and Multi-Level Data in U.S. State Politics

Gelman and King (1994) A Unified Method of Evaluating Electoral Systems and Redistricting Plans

Goedert (2011) Redistricting Institutions, Partisan Tides, and Congressional Turnover

Harden (2011) A Bootstrap Method for Conducting Statistical Inference with Clustered Data

King, Tomz, and Wittenberg (2000) Making the Most of Statistical Analysis: Improving Interpretation and Presentation

Kirkland (2011) The Relational Determinants of Legislative Outcomes: Strong and Weak Ties Between Legislators

Lax and Rader (2010) Legal Constraints on Supreme Court Decision Making: Do Jurisprudential Regimes Exist?

Londregan and Snyder (1994) Comparing Committee and Floor Preferences

MacKinnon (2002) Bootstrap inference in econometrics

McCarty, Poole, and Rosenthal (2009) Does Gerrymandering Cause Polarization?

Plumper and Neumayer (2006) The Unequal Burden of War: The Effect of Armed Conflict on the Gender Gap in Life Expectancy

Smyth (2000) Model selection for probabilistic clustering using cross-validated likelihood